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How to Download Apple Music to SD Card

"My iPhone's memory is almost full, but I don't want to delete and lose my media files. Can I move my Apple music files to an sd card to free up storage? How to achieve it?"

Apple Music is famous for stunning music quality and a massive library, providing a catalog of 100 million songs in 256kbps AAC to 24-bit/192kHz ALAC lossless audio quality. Generally, high-quality audio requires more capacity than normal audio. If Apple Music is the playback application that you commonly use, you may notice that downloaded songs take up so much storage space on your phone or PC. Sometimes, you have to clear external memory but you don’t lose these favorite songs. At this time, you may think of downloading and transferring songs from Apple Music as a backup.

As we all know, SD cards are widely used in digital cameras, mobile phones, media players and so on. You can expand your device memory by different categories from 1GB, 2GB all the way even to 512GB after inserting an SD card. Therefore, an SD card helps greatly with moving media files, especially when you want to transfer Apple Music to SD card for offline listening or backup. In this article, we’ll tell you how to download music from Apple Music to SD card no matter what device you are using. There are two parts in this tutorial. The first part is for Android users only, and the second part is suitable for both iOS and Android users.

apple music to sd card


Part 1. How to Download Apple Music to SD Card on Android

In 2016, Apple started to add a new feature on Apple Music for Android, allowing them to save downloaded songs to an SD card. So If you use Apple Music on an Android smartphone, you can download and save songs onto the microSD card directly. It is so convenient especially when you're running out of storage on your Android phone. You just need an SD card and you can expand the storage space of your phones to save music playlists you like. Here is the step-by-step guidance as follows.

Step 1. Update or download the latest Apple Music app from the Google Play store.

Step 2. Launch Apple Music and tap the menu icon > Settings.

Step 3. Scroll to find the Downloads section.

Step 4. Tap the Download Location option and select Yes on the pop-up window to select SD card from the list

download Apple Music to SD card on Android

Now, you succeed to save Apple music tracks to your SD card. But when you plan to insert the SD card into a playback device such as your MP3 player, you will find that the Apple Music tracks are not playable and can not be recognized by your device. This is because Apple Music has encrypted all its tracks and offered protected songs, which means we are limited to listening to Apple Music tracks on iTunes or with Apple Music App. So how to store Apple Music tracks in an SD card and make these songs playable on other devices? Read on, we will give an answer.

Part 2. How to Transfer Apple Music from PC to SD Card (For Both Android and iOS Users)

Apparently, Android users can easily expand the storage space of their phones by saving offline music to SD card. But as we've mentioned above, the drawback is that downloaded Apple Music may not be recognizable if you put them out of Apple Music compatible devices. As for iOS users of Apple Music, there is no such direct feature to download music to SD card. Because iPhone and iPad devices don't have an SD card slot built-in ever. Here, we will introduce a method, with which both Android users and iOS users can copy and store their Apple Music tracks in SD card without being affected by the encryption of Apple Music.

First of all, we need a music converter to assist with this task. That is NoteCable Atunes Music Converter , a mighty audio converting tool designed for Apple Music to convert tracks to common formats for offline playback. You are not required to install music app. Only with this music converter, you can save songs, playlists you need from Apple Music effortlessly. Once songs are downloaded to an SD card in plain format files, you can play songs via any MP3 player, and move them to some devices with SD card slot.

notecable atunes music converter

NoteCable Atunes Music Converter

  • Record songs from Apple Music.
  • Convert Music to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC format.
  • Keep original audio quality and ID3 tags after conversion.
  • Support 10X faster conversion speed.
  • No need to install Apple Music app.
  • Free updates & technical support.
  • Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7 full compatible.
  • Support up to 25 languages.
  • Moreover, NoteCable allows you to download music as MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC or FLAC format according to different needs. Armed with a top-ranking conversion core, this converter is always reliable to keep the best audio quality after the conversion of songs, enabling you to enjoy songs offline on any device without caring about the quality loss. In addition, with most advanced ID tag identification technology, NoteCable recognizes tag information of every song accurately, including Artwork and Metadata (title, artist, album, album artist, composer, and more).

    In the following part, we are going to show you how to convert Apple Music to plain audio format on a Windows or Mac computer and transfer them from your computer to SD card step by step.

    Download and Save Apple Music to SD Card

    Step 1Install and Run the NoteCable Atunes Music Converter and Choose Conversion Mode

    Launch the NoteCable Music Converter on your computer. And then Choose App Mode or Webplayer Mode as conversion mode.

    two modes

    Step 2Sign into Your Apple Account

    If you choose Webplayer Mode. then follow the prompt to sign in with your Apple ID.

    Please be assured: NoteCable won't collect your information other than the tracks. It is only for personal use. Also, you must be an Apple Music subscriber in order to convert Apple Music with NoteCable.

    login with Apple id

    Step 3Choose the Output Settings

    Click the Settings section to select the Output Format, Bit Rate, Sample Rate, Output File Name, and Output Organized (way) you want. For better organizing your music library, you can save the output audio files into the folders sorted out by Artist, Album, Artist/Album, or Album/Artist.

    set Apple Music the output format

    Step 4Select the Songs You Want to Download and Convert

    Open an album, artist, or playlist you favorite. And click the Click to add button to choose the songs you want to download. Next click the Convert button to start to convert.Open the radio, song, playlist or album you want to export from Apple Music.

    add apple songs to convert

    A brilliant up to 10X conversion speed will cut off the costs of the time spent waiting.

    apple music download finished

    Step 5Check the Downloads History

    Finally, you can move to the Converted section on the left bar. And by tapping the Folder icon after the songs, you can reach out to the local place.

    export apple music playlist to pc

    Step 6 Transfer Apple Music songs to SD Card

    Now insert your SD card into your computer by using an SD card adaptor or a built-in reader if your computer has one. Open the folder where your Apple Music songs are stored, select the converted Apple Music files, and then move them into your SD card. Or you can drag and drop your Apple Music files from the computer to the SD card.


    After reading this article, you must know how to download Apple Music to an SD card. Whether you are an Android user or iOS user, you can choose NoteCable Atunes Music Converter to have your music downloaded to an SD card and transferable to other devices for playback. With NoteCable Atunes Music Converter , this all-in-one software, you can not only save Apple Music to SD card in an instant but also convert protected music files to plain audio formats. Now it has a time-limited free trial version. Just come to have a try!